It has crossed the ages, mysterious and elusive, without ever faltering.

Like a thousand-year-old enigma, the Shadow of a Distant Time glides over our History pages.

It has seen empires rise, and cities grow, stone by stone.

The traces of its passage through history were collected and locked up in the Time Wanderer fragments.

Hidden by a veil of smoke, where dreams come to life, a hidden door is waiting to be crossed.

You can feel it, the scent of this immense secret. But can you pierce it?

It has seen men rise to the heavens, and the machines they created take their place.

It has seen kings and queens, and their wars that shook the earth.

Like a shooting star crossing the night sky, it ends up disappearing, powerless, carried away by the madness of men.

It has seen ideas germinate and spread, and nations change hands.

But little by little, trapped by time and an eternal quest, the memories of her own existence were erased.

/- Dear Wanderer, you are on the edge of an incredible adventure.

Through space and time, you can investigate in search of the "Secret of the Rose."

Many clues are already scattered throughout the project. Find them and decode them to win exclusive rewards.

Join our Discord to chat with the community and offer us your discoveries in the "Rose Secret" room.