Governed as much by strength as by imagination, our society is home to many minds capable of changing the world.

But because these two abilities are not unalterable, only those guided by a visceral passion can genuinely make an impact.

To do so, one must be able to tap into a power residing in the heart of every human being. 

Not to doubt, staying calm and determined in any circumstance.

That is the real strength. That is the power of dreams.


Today, the world hears the echo of thunder in the distance.

A storm is approaching, carrying the anger of a new generation connected to the world’s four corners as never before.

Dreaming of freedom, equality, and fraternity, it carries on its shoulders the destiny of all humanity in the face of the existential challenges that await it.


For this generation, we have crystallized the memory of their ancestors inside TW’s Time Capsules.

We have fragmented their dreams, successes and failures, introspections, and the lessons of their lives.

Because their present constitutes the wheels of our future, these fragments of life seem essential to us. 


Through these wonderful technologies that are the web3 and the ‘NFTs’, we wanted to transmit them to you.

Floating through time, these sparks of life will carry the memories of the past to inspire the future.


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